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The first Kohler blind was built in 1956 in Tekamah, Nebraska. Ralph Kohler, owner and guide of Kohler Commercial Hunting, needed a permanent blind that could conceal his hunters, keep them warm and dry and provide them with a comfortable hide for an entire day of waterfowl hunting.    

At the time, Ralph was also the owner of Kohler Machine . . . so he used the tools at hand to design and create the perfect blind for his needs. Although there have been a few slight modifications to the blinds over the years, the major parts of the original design remain the same. 

​Published in 1995, Ralph’s autobiography “Born to Hunt” details a lifetime of memories, photos and events that shaped his life as a hunter. Anyone who had the privilege to sit in Ralph’s blind remembers how much he loves the start of every hunting day.

In 2006, Ralph was inducted into the “Legends of The Outdoors” Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee. Garry Mason, founder of the Hall of Fame, noted that Ralph’s career in the waterfowl hunting industry is a culmination of a lifetime of hunting, building the K & W decoys and designing the best waterfowl blind he has ever hunted from.

Since the beginning, Ralph has hosted more than 50,000 hunters to his blinds along the Missouri river. His blinds have passed the test of time for durability and functionality with three generations of hunters shooting from them. Kohler Machine produced more than 400 blinds shipped to 12 different states . . . with some still in use today!

The hunting memories made in these blinds are shared by many, and created by one, Ralph Kohler.

Ralph Kohler - A Nebraska Legend


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